How to Make Your Dog Training Work

All you require to make your dog training work is very easy. Infact it is easier than you know. I will be discussing some the essential ingredients you need to add to your training to spice it up.

Make Training fun

To make your dog training work, you need to make your training something fun. You shouldn’t stsrt training your dog when you are in a bad mood or frustrated. You will only transfer your aggression to the dog and might make it grow uncomfortable. Grow to love every moment you spend with your dog in training. Whenever the dog isn’t giving you the result, you don’t need make a fuss out of it. Just continue doing it so he can see it as a thing of fun. This way, you both enjoy the training.

You find this very difficult because it is always late before you have decide in training your dog. The dog is already frustrated, jumping, digging, barking, pooping inside the house, or attempting to bite the neighbour. So you simply use force in training your dog which will surely yield no result.

Dog aren’t kids and will never be like them

They simply don’t comprehend things.  They can jump on you over 1,000 times a day, but each time makes no difference to them.

Kids are capable of thinking, they realize what they’ve done and they find a way to make amends, and can make a intensive effort not to do such again.

Dogs are simply dogs. Either a puppy or a matured dog, they act without thinking and wondering, they just live in the moment.  I have never had a dog come to me and say “I already know they’re going to dump me at the end”

For an optimum result from training, dogs require consistency and secure friendly surroundings. Just imagine your teacher beating you in high school. See how much terror you felt? Same as your dog, he never needs to have a sense of insecurity. An insecure and unfriendly environment hampers results of training your dog.

The dog training needs to be fun, for both you!  You should always be looking forward to spending time with your best pal each day. Don’t wait for problems to show up before feeling the need for training your dog.

Everyday training helps to keep away from the troubles that most dog owners face. My dog doesn’t pee or poop in the residence, he doesn’t jump on me, I started very early with him, I didn’t wait for troubles to crop up before, I started force training him.

You’ll see that if you commit 20 minutes or extra every day to training, a whole lot of your dog’s problems will go away.  Because you’re clearly giving him what he wishes, that is adequate attention, interaction and intellectual stimulation.

Even if you use barbaric and nasty schooling techniques, you’ll see a distinctive change in your dog but it is advisable not to use such techniques.

You shouldn’t use 20 minutes to force your dog to do something, that wouldn’t be fun for the both of you. Neither should you devote 20 minutes of your precious time each day to fight with your dog.

Spend 20 minutes of your time playing games, having fun and rewarding your dog every day. When your dog finds your training amusing and fun, then every other thing fall into place so get your dog’s toy and start having fun, training him.