Tips for training two Dogs at a time

People often think  that having two dogs is sweet, easy, fun and beneficial.

They get more than one puppy for one reason or another.  Some people love having more than one dog, and others just conclude that all dogs like to be in company of some other dog.

While most dogs always enjoy being in company of others and don’t find it difficult to share space with other dogs, some dog however do not like to share at all.

It has been discovered multiple times that the longer the dog has stayed as a single dog with his family or owner, the more complicated it is to add another dog to the family

Even dogs that experience playing with a couple of dogs in other venues, may also have trouble sharing everything he has in his environment.

Simply put, not all dogs get along so in order to keep them together you need to follow some tips and here are some for you.

When training two dogs at a time, you have to prevent them from fighting

The idea of allowing them to fight it out is a dangerous belief. I think it could cause harm and death to the dogs. Dogs can create unimaginable harm to one another and kill themselves in a very short period of time. You might be lucky that the dogs don’t kill each other, a fight like this can destroy thousands of dollars’ worth of property and that won’t be the end of your misery as the dogs will fight again if given the opportunity.

Listen to each one of them when you are training two dogs at a time

If one is growling or posturing to the opposite and the second dog is imitating those behaviours they are probably threatening each other.

Often times, people are so sure that if their dog growls and lunges it would not lead to biting. Some dog owners that don’t take their dogs behaviour seriously could get bitten in the leg by their own dog. Such will happen if you are unable to understand your dog.

Train your two dogs separately

It is very tough if not unachievable for a dog to truly learn, which means comprehend a new training while he’s competing with some other dog. This is applicable to dogs that are not opponents, too. Even dogs that like each other compete for time and treats.

And, it’s by far equally impossible to divide your time between two dogs in training. When a dog learns, he must be rewarded for showing the correct conduct for him to understand what you need.

Do not train your two dogs collectively until you feel it is reliable to do so because this might jeopardize your efforts. After the individual training is completed and reliable, then you can begin to work on them together.


The reason that I have survived my dogs rivalry is that I work on a strict, yet fun, schedule of obedience. When training two dogs at a time, obedience should be adhered to. My dogs should feel like it is a playful game to listen to me. They should both understand your commands and reactions when they are about to go for a brawl.