Training Your dog To stay For Hours as if you Had a “Magic” Pause Button.

People always deceive themselves by teaching their dog the ordinary STAY command.

Just because we want our dogs to listen or be obedient to us, we take our puppies to dog training classes, or we strive to teach our puppies at home to stay, on a restricted basis, at the same time with leash on; however how many people take this command severely?

Regrettably, not many get the wanted result from years of dog training classes. This is perhaps because you don’t recognize how complicated you could make your stay command and how essential it could be in your relationship with your dog.

Advanced Obedience and Training Your Dog to STAY

A lot of you don’t know there are different forms of advanced ways in training your dog to STAY.

Delayed Down STAYS

Many people might find this merciless, callous or wicked, but it is a very good practice and training for your dog.  This is mostly used to train service Dogs for the disabled people.

Service dogs frequently spend hours lying beneath their owner’s table or their office while they are engrossed in their works. Those down STAYS are less structured, as an instance you anticipate that your dog will change positions, bite on a bone and get relaxed whereas many people suppose the dog cannot move from their positions.

In true picture, you don’t need a strict down stay such that your dog can’t move or change positions or can’t do other activities at all.

Down stays are essential for times when you want your dog to lay still while you eat or have a friend at your place maybe for meals or just having fun.

Stay command is very essential. For instance when you see that your dog is facing a barrier or moving towards danger and you are busy, you use the stay command to keep it off or delay it till you are done

However, you might feel less concerned about this kind of control over your dog. Taking me for instance, I have a dog which I have trained to STAY. I am very confident that I can open the store, room, kitchen or even my car doors and my dog won’t run into it. This kind of control is what we all seek for when we spend our time and money at dog obedience centres.

How can I Totally control My Dog

Change your attitude

When training your do to stay, you don’t just let your fly through the doors immediately they are opened. See your doors as very dangerous barriers that your dog should never cross without you. Additionally, your dog chain is not there for beauty or fancy, it is a tool for controlling it too. Use the leash to teach your dog to wait until it is told to do so.

When training your dog to stay in the Car, tighten the chain to the passenger’s seat to restrict your dog movement whenever the door is open. The fastened leash serves as a restrainer from it running outside whenever the car is opened.

If I’m running with a new or rambunctious dog in the car, I close a leash within the passenger or other car door to keep my dog from running out on his own.

When at home, it is very vital not to allow him fly through the doorway… irrespective of how excited he is to move. When the dog tries to jump you use the leash on it preventing it from moving.

A leash offers me ability to  manipulate and prevents the dog from absolutely getting outside by giving any instance.