People often find it hard to take their dog out or perhaps too busy for hours that they simply need their dogs to poop indoor.

There comes the need for your dog to be able to poop inside, however this may seem like an impossible thing to achieve but I am telling and assuring you that IT COULD BE ACCOMPLISHED.

However, to be realistic, I will let you know it is a bit difficult, in all regards, than training your dog to poop outside.

Over the years, I have train dogs to potty indoors in bathtubs, Does it sound impossible? This is true and you can train your dog to potty inside too.

A number of people wants to take their dogs with them on a cruise ship.

As you may possibly believe, a ship isn’t always set up to have grass for dogs to poop and pee. But the physically disabled companion can’t do without his/her service dog so they have to be allowed to journey together!

We used grass carpeting in the shower or bathtub before the existence of doggy poop patches the shower/bath which made it very easy to clean up.

Initially, we used a large piece of grass carpeting, and slowly as the dog have become used to going potty within the bathtub; we cut it down to a tiny piece that could easily be tossed into any shower.

Though this might sound easy but in the truth is that it wasn’t easy, it is a bit difficult. Like training your dog to poop outside, this took a lot of time and effort, even greater so than ordinary potty training your dog.

When you train your dog to potty inside, you can’t take the puppy outside like when outdoor potty training your dog. When training your dog to potty inside, you need to use the leash to take him to that G spot and wait for him to poop there.

There are some dogs that are capable of holding their bladders for hours so that they wouldn’t pee or poop in the tub or where you want them to potty and there are also dogs that wouldn’t potty for a day simply because they don’t want to poop or pee indoor.

It will take you time, consistency and perseverance to take your dog to the same spot every day without relenting or getting tired.

At every hour, every now and then, you should walk the dog to the bathe,  tell him to go to the potty and wait.

Similar to outside potty training your dog, you shouldn’t permit the dog to run off leash within or he could probably discover a “perfect” spot to answer the call of nature which is exactly what we are striving to avoid. Consider from the dog’s attitude as being confused and just trying to get away so he could relieve himself. Do not allow him to be alone by himself for one moment.

This is all what your dog trainer will do to train your dog to potty inside, why not try it out yourself and be consistent with it, to see how magical it can be.